Neelesh Gokhale

Seattle, WA



Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (Signal & Image Processing) [December 2000]
University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) [June 1998]
University of Pune, India.

Current Work:

Job Title: Senior Codec Engineer [April 2012 - Present]
Description of work :
Generative AI Video
Perceptual Video coding
AVC: Intel Media SDK 2018
HEVC: Intel Media Server Studio 2017
NGV: Next Generation Video Codec
Work Experience: Real Networks
Job Title: Senior Codec Engineer [February 2001 - April 2012] 
Description of work :
NGV: Next Generation Video Codec
RealVideo10: Check it out :) 
RealVideo9: Research, Design & Development 
Helix : Multi-platform Optimized & Reference Code for RealVideo & 3GPP Video Codecs 

3GPP: Mpeg4 / H263/+ Implementation & Interop 
Embedded: ARM// XScaleBulverde/Intel Wireless MMX 
PC: MMX/SSE, Altivec, VIS Optimizations 
Standards: JVT (H264/AVC) Participation 

Real Networks
Job Title: SDE (Intern) in Codec [June 2000 - December 2000]
Description of work :
Mpeg 4 Video Codec:
Video codec optimization for Ultra-Sparc II VIS:
RealProducer De-interlacing filter:

Multi-Agent Lab - Information Sciences Institute USC
Job Title: Research Assistant [Jan 2000 - May 2000]
Description of work :
Karma , Teamcore: Rapidly Building Dynamic, Robust Teams from Distributed, Heterogeneous Agents.
Friday People Locator Service , Palm Friday Agent :
Localization using multiple sources: GPS, GPRS Zip Codes, Infrared Beaming, PC / Mobile Reponses.
COABS Grid Agent (JAVA Jini) proxy for KQML net:

Center for cultural Technology - Information Sciences Institute USC
Job Title: Programmer & Web Interface Assistant [Aug 1999 - Dec 1999]
Description of work :
Z39.50 Java Client for Enhydra Application Server:
WWW - Z39.50 (ASN.1, BER) Gateway
CCT group and its technology became

D. E. Shaw & Co. (& Wilco International)
Job Title: Member Technical [July 1998 - June 1999]
Description of work :
FarSight, Gloss

Patents: "High frequency emphasis in decoding of encoded signals", Jul 17, 2012, US 8223844
"Estimation of high frequency information in encoded signals", December 2, 2014, US 8902974
"High frequency emphasis in coding signals", September 1, 2015, US 9124889
"System and Method for Highly Content Adapive Quality Restoration Filtering for Video Coding", Oct 4, 2016 US 9462280
"Content Adaptive Entropy Coding of Modes and Reference Types Data for Next Generation Video", Mar 18, 2017 US 9609330
"Content Adaptive Entropy Coding of Partitions Data for Next Generation Video", Jun 20, 2017 US 9686551
"Content Adaptive Transfom Coding for Next Generation Video", Nov 14, 2017 US 9819965
"Content Adaptive Super Resolution Prediction Generation for Next Generation Video", Feb 13, 2018 US 9894372
"Content Adaptive Motion Compensation Precision Prediction for Next Generation Video", Jun 20, 2017 US 9686551
"Content Adaptive, Characteristics Compensated Prediction for Next Generation Video", Sept 12, 2017 US 9762929
"Content Adaptive Parametric Transforms for Coding for Next Generation Video", Oct 10, 2017 US 9787990
"Content Adaptive Partitioning for Prediction and Coding for Next Generation Video", Oct 17, 2017 US 9794569
"Content Adaptive Predictive and Functionally Predictive Pictures with Modified References for NGV", March 6, 2018 US 9912958
"Projected Interpolation Prediction Generation For Next Gen Video Coding", November 5, 2019 US 10284853
"Content, Psychovisual, Region Of Interest, And Persistence Based Adaptive Quantization For Video Coding", November 5, 2019 US 10469854
"Efficient, compatible, and scalable intra video/image coding using wavelets and HEVC coding", March 24, 2020 US 10602187
"Automatic adaptive long term reference frame selection for video process and video coding", June 6, 2021 US 11032567
Member: IEEE, ITU-T, JVT.

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